• A workshop will be delivered to Ukrainian Engineers on bridge design on 6 August see more here
  • A scientific report is under review, “Conflict Resilience Framework for Critical Infrastructure Peacebuilding” available here (29 June 2022)
  • The alliance has a total of 16 members as of today (28 June 2022)
  • A meeting between the main contributors took place, the questionnaire for expression of interest to contribute in bridgeUkraine was released (13 May 2022)
  • Marat Khodzhaiev (Марат Ходжаєв) Civil/Bridge Engineer MSc, from Kyiv, Ukraine and Dr Sotirios Valkaniotis, expert in remote sensing and space applications from the Geological Society of Greece, have joined the Alliance (29 April 2022)
  • delivery of free CPD seminars on bridge restoration is under discussion (21 April 2022)
  • a questionnaire for design and construction companies interested in helping the reconstruction of infrastructure is under preparation (20 April 2022)
  • experts invited to contribute their knowledge (19 April 2022)
  • created (18 April 2022)