Ukraine has experienced a tremendous destruction of its critical infrastructure. The extent and severity of destruction is currently largely unknown and this a challenge that prevents us from taking critical decisions for financing and supporting Ukraine’s reconstruction. During and after the war this knowledge is vital for rebuilding the country, underpinning the economy and the society and making people feel integrated and safer. is rolling sleeves to facilitate a more resilient and sustainable Ukraine. We will help decision makers, organisations and governmental bodies to take informed decisions, reconnect critical assets, cities and help the businesses and society to recover quickly.

We are actively seeking research funding and people on the ground in Ukraine, experts from academia, engineering consultancies, charities and non-profit organisations to help us achieve our goals.

HOW – We are experienced academics working in catastrophe modelling, resilience-based design of critical infrastructure and SDG-based engineering. We are deploying our full capacity, methods, and research we have done over 20 years, to deliver resilience and sustainability to Ukraine’s war affected infrastructure.

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